How to stop hesitating?

In the previous article I mentioned a couple of reasons for the hesitation, which could affect your career and life. If the hesitation bother you then I have a few tips how to stop hesitation and improve your career, life, relationships.
How To stop hesitation in business activities?

* Divide large projects into smaller, more manageable.
* Start from anywhere. The real action dissipates the tension that is created in anticipation. All you have to do is to begin – and end arrives just imperceptibly. Do you remember the school years, when you were afraid of the term paper and postponed writing until the last minute, and when the term paper was ready, you found out that actually it was not so difficult? This is the same case. Start your project today and the end will come unnoticed.
* Use the Swiss cheese method suggested by Alan Lakein for major projects, which require a lot of time or interest and thus are difficult to start.
The guideline is very simple: start to “hole” the project, do some of the tasks, each of which requires no more than five minutes. If you result in a deadlock, try to move forward in a different area of the project. Perhaps with such little job sequences you will fail to comply with your wishes and desires, but they will figure out what exactly needs to be done and whom to entrust this work.
* First do the hardest and most unpleasant jobs. Try to facilitate creative the job and speed up the works.
* Every day plan your time so that you can work qualitatively at least 30 minutes without interruption. Only 30 minutes. Do not try to force yourself to work a longer period of time. When this style of work becomes a habit, you will be able to easily work well for a longer period of time.
* Set limits. Choose the pace of work. Always provide time for rest, for catching up to do, for planning and evaluation.
* Schedule one hour a day for recreation / social activities / entertainment. Without neglecting their personal needs.
* Remove obstacles. If the noise does not allow focusing, buy a headset.
* Tell everybody how great you are doing with the tasks. By saying “I have to do it” and “I should,” a person as if criticizes his/her poor performance, helplessness and leads to depression. Instead of it, talk about the results and say, “my choice is …”, “will do the following …”.
* Strive for achievements, but not for perfection. Remember the ratio of 80/20. Be satisfied with good results – in most cases it is sufficient.
* Celebrate small victories. Reward yourself for progress towards a noble goal. Find a caring friend who is willing to jointly celebrate the achievements and encourage continuing.
If these tips have proved to be too weak to fight the irresistible tendency to hesitate, I recommend you read the literature devoted to this topic, or if the problem is very serious, seek professional help.

There are some books about hesitating:
How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life by Alan Lakein.

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