How to obtain motivation?

Have you noticed that people who lack enthusiasm at the same time lack of sufficient motivation? It seems they really do not understand what the wonderful word “passion” means. When you meet a man who dedicates himself passionately to his work, a beloved relative or pastime or who enthusiastically develop his talents, you will notice that this man is not only highly motivated, but also possesses a great enthusiasm. An excellent example is the lovers – observe those who are in love and only praising their beloved, as well as, feeling a deep joy and happiness, share those feelings with the other person, “Oh, I love this woman, she is such-and-such, and she’s all I have in this world.”

Three wonderful words – motivation, enthusiasm and passion – are related to divine links. These words truly embody the “sacred cow”, three kinds of forces that man keeps within. Increasing any of these forces, for instance, when you get carried away with any activity, it does not matter, whether it is fishing, painting or writing, you will realize that along with enthusiasm your passion in this field will increase.

Shortly you will notice that when you wake in the morning, you will not have to force ourselves to climb out of bed anymore. You will begin to feel the softness in steps and move easily. Observe small children who get up early in the morning to go to school. It is difficult to awaken them in working day mornings from Monday to Friday. You can scream and quarrel, or even threaten with punishment, but it takes half an hour, until they slowly gets out of a bed. But as soon as Saturday and Sunday arrives, you are not even wearing slippers when they have already jumped in your bed. They are so lively because they are waiting for entertainment and adventures.

So the joy caused by the enthusiasm and passion will create the motivation and you will quickly jump out of bed. So can you imagine hours of the morning? Will you be out of bed with one jump or lazily stretch and later collect the remains of an alarm, which you threw against the wall in the anger? Does your occupation bring joy to you? And your relationships? And your home life? What kind of feelings do you want to wake up with every day of your life?.

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