How to Make Money With Creating WordPress Themes?

WordPress is one of the most popular blog platforms and it is growing more and more popular. Every day hundreds of thousands blogs are started on the internet and most of them are based on WordPress. Bloggers always want their blogs to be unique, different, so an option to change blog design is also a way to make the blog unique. There are tons of free wordpress themes, but most of them have rather low quality design, which will only worsen your blog. So, people who really want a unique blog, they are ready to pay for the theme and buy it in the special wordpress markeplaces.
Now there is a chance to earn huge money, because, as mentioned earlier, thousands and thousands of blogs are created in the internet every day. So, how to earn with designing wordpress themes?
There is a lot of magazine and blog-type themes, so you should find some new ideas intended for particular topics. For example, blog for technical journal, for losing weight, for dog-fanciers etc. when you found the topic, start designing it. Do not forget that a qualitative blog needs some core characteristics that users wish to have:
* blog design should be really beautiful and unique (that’s why they will be ready to pay for it);
* page should be functional and easy to view, don’t forget about the basic navigation and menu;
* keep in mind that user might want to earn with that blog too, so leave space for banners, product overview widget etc;
* leave some freedom for the user to modify his/her blog by adding extra menus, twitter, Facebook or other social network accounts etc.
There are endless options how to make a blog unique; and the more attractive and different it will be the greater chance that someone buys it.
When the design is ready, start programming. You can learn it yourself or find freelancers in the specialized websites. Define your task and ask them to develop what you need. Or study an existing theme code, which is also a good way to learn wordpress programming basics.
When the blog theme is ready, it’s time to put it on the specialized wordpress theme marketplace, like, or, which has many users and they all will see your theme immediately. Then the commission fees for the sold themes will be paid to your paypal account every month..

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