How can you become an early riser?

Sleeping excessively long is not only detrimental to your career but can also leave you sluggish and feeling moody for the entire day. On the other hand waking up early may be really tough in the beginning , however, I will keep you fresh and alive throughout the day.

These effective steps, if followed religiously will make you an early riser within a week.

Plan to get up before you go to the bed:

Remember that you are not very effective at making decisions just after you’ve woken up. You may have been in the midst of a beautiful dream with your breakfast being served in bed only to be awakened by the annoying alarm clock. As a result you are annoyed, frustrated, confused as well as surprised.
If you want to become an early riser, decide upon it at a particular time before you go to bed. This will offer you respite from making the decision in the morning on when to exactly wake up. Instead of trying to make a decision on the time to hop out of bed, you can follow your decision made before going to bed in the night. However, this is easier said than done. In the beginning this will turn out to be a herculean task but with a little bit of determination you can indeed become an early riser.

Plan out your extra time:

Think that you have hoped out of bed a few hours before you generally would. Now what are you going to do with this time at your disposal. If you have not planned out any activity for this extra time, you tend to take a morning nap that will eventually wipe out all your efforts to get up early.
Before you hop into bed, think on what you would like to do in the extra hours in the morning. You may perhaps, go for a jog, read a book, write, clean your garage etc. With practice you’ll have a burning desire to get these things done in the morning which will therefore help you to wake up early.

Make waking up a social activity:

Sure, you could opt to read some interesting blogs in the morning. But how about enrolling in an early breakfast club, playing chess with your buddies in the park at 5 A.M. or even join a running group? If you rope in more people to get up early, you’ll find rising early fun and no more a pain.

Never use an alarm that infuriates you:

Do not punish yourself with annoying alarms in the morning. Carry out a research on what works best for you. Melodious sounds that tend to have a soothing effect on the mind works well.

Get your blood flowing in the right direction after you wake up:

Pick up something you love and repeat the motions until your heart rate is up. You can do some push-ups, yoga, crunches or jump rope for this. If you live in beautiful surroundings then you can go for a walk and explore the countryside. It makes you much happier than sitting idle. If you have a coffee outlet within walking distance, it’s always a good idea to hop out of bed for a cup of coffee.

Following these wonderful steps will surely make your efforts in waking up early easy. You just need to have a determination and will power. Later on you’ll find that waking up early is in fact and interesting activity and will suggest the same to others..

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