Change what you can change, the rest leave as it is

Time is always not enough. We cannot change it, this is the world order. If we are allowed such a short period of time then it is wise not to waste it, not to squander any precious minute. I have observed that successful people are those who enjoy the life and know how to use every minute. Lucky people draw attention to what they can control in their lives, but all the rest simply leave as is, without wasting time.
If someone is turning to you for a help, you can help – or not, if you decide so. But if you will become the world’s mender, then you will not have much time for other things. Criticizing yourself for refused help is not useful, and it is a waste of time. I am not saying that you should become an insensitive creature and have nothing to worry about, or must turn away from those people who need help. In fact, in many ways I want to say just the opposite – there are areas where you can make a personal contribution, but there are areas where you won’t be able to change anything.
If you will waste time and will fight to change what is not possible to change in any way, then life will pass by, because you will squander opportunities. Conversely, if you will devote time to what you can change, then life will become richer and more fulfilled. The strange thing in all this is: the more fulfilled our life will be, the more time you will have.
Together we are more able to change things, but this message is meant for you, we’re talking about your own goals – what you are capable to change.
Often, the only thing we can affect is our own personality. The only thing we really can change is ourselves. Wonderful. A chance to do something good! What a great opportunity to make a real contribution! Let’s start with ourselves and then let us get to transformation of the world. In this case, we will not waste time giving instructions to people who are not listening. We will not have to waste effort, energy or resources in areas over which we have no say in the matter, or assurance of success. In contrast, changing ourselves, we can be sure of the outcome, the result is the main.
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