8 reasons why people are hesitant and indecisive

Contrary to common perceptions, indecision and hesitation are not character traits. Everyone can delay from time to time. Moreover, not every delay is bad. Some things should be put aside temporarily or even permanently. If you are waiting for important information, are not able to think over everything because of exhaustion, or you want to let the idea to mature, hesitation is completely acceptable. In addition, sometimes seemingly pressing questions strangely tend to be solved without your direct involvement.
However, chronic hesitation is a frustrating and even dangerous habit. This is an unnecessary waste of time, often – with serious consequences over a longer time frame (tension in relationships, loss of a job, health problems).
People are hesitant due to various reasons. Time management experts most often cited the following reasons (they are listed in alphabetical order).
* The fear – of change, criticism, failure, mistakes, rejection, inadequacy, success, start / end, unknown.
* Indecision.
* Uncertainty – no time limits, interests, information.
* An unpleasant or tedious task.
* Unclear objectives.
* Remorse.
* Feeling of oversaturation.
* The desire for attention.
Hesitation indicates that a person is exposed to stress in a certain area. It helps to reduce anxiety by focusing on pleasant activities.
If you do not want to hesitate anymore, you’ve got to find out what is the cause of the delay. In order to overcome it, thinking and behaviour should be changed. In the next article I will give some suggestions how to proceed.
Note! If the tendency to hesitate causes problems for you, it is advisable to read a special book dedicated to this topic.
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