Free Bootstrap Html business portfolio website templates

If you do not have the skill for web designing and you would want to design your business portfolio website, you do not have to worry, as bootstrap will make every bit of the designing process easy for you. The popularity of bootstrap website design templates is growing quickly as designers discover the benefits of Responsive Bootstrap framework. The researchers prove that “Big B” as Bootstrap is sometimes called is one of the most successful trends that came into industry lately. First of all, it greatly facilitates the creation of web pages. Continue reading Free Bootstrap Html business portfolio website templates

The power of the mind or how thoughts become things

Quantum physics researchers know that most of the matter consists of emptiness. When I was at school, physics teacher told us about the atomic structure of the atom and showed the model. Atom had a nucleus and an electron circling around. This symbolic structure became the symbol of a nuclear power. Now, looking at the atomic model and understanding of the principles of quantum physics, I understand that my overall picture of the atomic structure was badly wrong. Let us use an example. If we imagine that the nucleus is about the size of a basketball ball, the electron then would be similar to table tennis, or ping-pong ball. Now consider what should be the orbit through which the ping pong ball circles around basketball ball, namely, the atomic nucleus. Let us suppose that the atomic nucleus is Chicago. Ping-pong ball’s motion in orbit would be similar first of all to the way to Los Angeles, then back, then along New York and back again – about 80 000 times per second! This whole movement is going on around the same nucleus. Continue reading The power of the mind or how thoughts become things

People think that they are smart

There are none on the earth which is empty place. Everyone thinks that they are unique. People are in very good thoughts about themselves. They consider themselves as the smartest. None who is wiser or more understandable than they are has never been born in this world. In maintaining that, they are underestimating other people. If you will ask janitor what he is thinking about himself, you will be surprised that he is considering himself as the king.

It doesn’t matter, in what position a person is, and what is his social standing, he wants to be loved and respected. You always have to take in action the others person’s presence. So, if a subordinate wishes you a good morning, you have to answer him with the same. You may not think that the employee is obliged to greet you in the morning just because he is your servant. You should not ignore him.

If you’ll land in difficulties tomorrow, who do you think will help you? Ofcourse it won’t be your boss, they will be your subordinates, who will want to be important for you. Even a slight assisance for you, would be very important for their ego. Then they would be able to tell themselves: “Look, how I can assist my boss.” So remember – no matter what is the persons position, whether he is working as a janitor, subordinate or is absolute fool, you always have to pay attention to him.

In addition, you should be aware that you are not the smartest in the whole world. I don’t say that you are not smart. In fact, I know that you are a smart man. However, even smart man sometimes make mistakes. For each task being performed there are many number of options to resolve it. You can very easily miss and important aspect, about which you couldn’t think of.

Once upon a time there was a famous architect. He was asked to resolve a problem. He was asked to create an entrance in doors for two cats, through which they would be able to go out ( one of the cats was a giant, but the other tiny). He thought that this is very simple task. Knowing that the big cat will not be able to go through the smallest hole, he set up a door with two hatches – one was big but the other small. Big hatch was designed for giant cat, but the small one for smallest cat. In work process, architect didn’t think of option that small cat would be able to use the big hatch also, and that there is no need to create a second hatch – the small one.

Sometimes even the smartest people do not follow some important details. So make sure you have a good mentor. Consult with them about your plans, listen to their advices and only then – start working! If you will do so, you will slowly find out that the advisors ideas will suddenly make assessment of the situation quite differently and allow you to choose a different course of action. It will make your job a lot easier..

Don’t run after others

Of course, you can choose your own way, but you can also arrive at the same point where others are. If it’s okay with you, then you will have to give alot of up. But, if you don’t want to get there, then why should you do that?

Creative approach is wonderful way, how you can get to wealth. Take a look at brightest rich man, who got money only with their own help. They all have something similar: ability to be step ahead others, think creative (unconventional), come up with unique ideas and plans. That doesn’t mean that you must be reckless or exciting. That means – you must think different than others do. But that is what is beyond the reach for many of us. Very easy is to submit and follow the crowd. If something went’s wrong, everyone together, share their grief and guilt. If you will go your own way, and if you will be independent, you will have to overcome all of the failure by yourself.

Whereas, if everything goes great, and you are together with others, you can celebrate together. It creates very good mood, which is similar to watching soccer in stadium.

To go your own way and stand up on your feet, you must have big courage, assurance and manhood (won’t even talk about creativity and vigor). You must have a strong spine, to be able to abandon the joys and sorrows together with other people..

Made a mistake in the business? Try again. You will definitely succeed.

In business, just like in sports, important are only those kicks that reach the target. Even the best baseball players make twice as much inaccurate as pointed beats. Do not worry about loss and do not abandon yourself in despair if you have mistaken. Analyse your actions and use the lessons learned to plan the next attempt. And do not hesitate to repeat it.

Cash register bell will ring out only after successful efforts. One successful sale can save your company. So, do not let abortive attempts to deter you from the next call to customer.

No matter how many houses you show the customer; the fee will come only from the house, which you will succeed to sell. If you will not show enough houses, you will remain empty-handed. Your bills are not paid by those customers who go away empty-handed, but by those who purchase something.

Do not apply for a job and you will not be hired. Do not lend money and you will not receive interest. Without tasting new recipes you will never sell this food. So – it is not possible to win the game without participating in it.

There is no fault in unsuccessful attempts. They certify that you have ‘participated in the game’:you have visited your potential customers and tried somehow to help your business. A large number of attempts mean a lot of effort, but there could never be too many attempts. Stick to what you have started before you finish it.

Remember that there is no man who always succeeds in everything. Renunciation is a part of everyday business as well as unsuccessful attempts are a part of any sports game. Even the best sellers tend to get rejections. Do not feel depressed because you have been rejected. Do not stop your job because you attempt has failed. Do not abandon yourself to despair, but gain strength, prepare and try again… and again.

Give yourself time and be patient. It is much more difficult to success at the beginning then later when you have already acquired skill. If you have not performed as well as hoped, if your ideas do not materialize, ask your current and potential customers for reviews and recommendations that could help to achieve success. And do as they say.

There is nothing terrible if you often make mistakes. It is terrible if you make mistakes always..

Your strengths make you rich

Strengths make the person rich. Let’s take, for example, tennis. Steffi Graf had a special “trick” – kick from the right. She applied it whenever possible. Instead of trying to improve the relatively weak shot from the left side, Steffi tried to run the balls and kick from the right. Knowing that, her competitors tried to pass the balls just left. Steffi’s trainings were subordinated to improve the undeveloped shot from the left side. As a result, the game itself did not bring a joy to Steffi and she did not try to win, but not to lose. Continue reading Your strengths make you rich

How can you become an early riser?

Sleeping excessively long is not only detrimental to your career but can also leave you sluggish and feeling moody for the entire day. On the other hand waking up early may be really tough in the beginning , however, I will keep you fresh and alive throughout the day.

These effective steps, if followed religiously will make you an early riser within a week.

Plan to get up before you go to the bed:

Remember that you are not very effective at making decisions just after you’ve woken up. You may have been in the midst of a beautiful dream with your breakfast being served in bed only to be awakened by the annoying alarm clock. As a result you are annoyed, frustrated, confused as well as surprised.
If you want to become an early riser, decide upon it at a particular time before you go to bed. This will offer you respite from making the decision in the morning on when to exactly wake up. Instead of trying to make a decision on the time to hop out of bed, you can follow your decision made before going to bed in the night. However, this is easier said than done. In the beginning this will turn out to be a herculean task but with a little bit of determination you can indeed become an early riser.

Plan out your extra time:

Think that you have hoped out of bed a few hours before you generally would. Now what are you going to do with this time at your disposal. If you have not planned out any activity for this extra time, you tend to take a morning nap that will eventually wipe out all your efforts to get up early.
Before you hop into bed, think on what you would like to do in the extra hours in the morning. You may perhaps, go for a jog, read a book, write, clean your garage etc. With practice you’ll have a burning desire to get these things done in the morning which will therefore help you to wake up early.

Make waking up a social activity:

Sure, you could opt to read some interesting blogs in the morning. But how about enrolling in an early breakfast club, playing chess with your buddies in the park at 5 A.M. or even join a running group? If you rope in more people to get up early, you’ll find rising early fun and no more a pain.

Never use an alarm that infuriates you:

Do not punish yourself with annoying alarms in the morning. Carry out a research on what works best for you. Melodious sounds that tend to have a soothing effect on the mind works well.

Get your blood flowing in the right direction after you wake up:

Pick up something you love and repeat the motions until your heart rate is up. You can do some push-ups, yoga, crunches or jump rope for this. If you live in beautiful surroundings then you can go for a walk and explore the countryside. It makes you much happier than sitting idle. If you have a coffee outlet within walking distance, it’s always a good idea to hop out of bed for a cup of coffee.

Following these wonderful steps will surely make your efforts in waking up early easy. You just need to have a determination and will power. Later on you’ll find that waking up early is in fact and interesting activity and will suggest the same to others..

Happy Boss, Happy Employees: The Key to Success

Your employees are the front lines when it comes to people’s view of your business. When dealing with customers, the people you employ are responsible for the experiences of patrons. Happy employees deal with customers in a way that will keep them loyal. A happy employee is your businesses most powerful customer retention tool. When the employees are not at work, they are still affecting your business. Most people will not bash their job while they are at work, but lookout when they are not! What your disgruntled employees say outside of business hours could be driving away customers. For these reasons, it is very worthwhile to ensure your employees have job satisfaction.
Happy Holidays!

Celebrating holidays within the business promotes togetherness and unity. Allow the employees to decorate the workplace with décor that suit’s the holiday. Make the season a little more special by adding a couple extra touches for the workers:
● Close early on the eve of a statutory holiday.
● Give the employees a gift for Christmas.
● Put out candy or treats for them on other holidays.
● Share gifts that the business receive with the employees.
● Throw them a party to mark special occasions. It doesn’t have to be big and lavish, just something that lets them know they are appreciated.
Bonus & Incentive Programs

Installing a system that rewards superb performance will promote a little healthy competition in the workplace. It will also allow you to reward employees who excel or go over and above. Employees who feel appreciated, and that are recognized for their competencies, will in turn reward you by working hard.
Remember birthdays and employment anniversaries.

Mark employee birthdays on the calendar and do something nice for them that day. It can be as simple as a card and a cupcake, or a day off. You also need to recognize when they have been with you for a while. Pointing out that you appreciate their work for that time will make the worker feel noticed and give the impression that you really do care about them.
Thank you!

These are two very powerful words. Remembering to thank an employee whenever they do something for you or the business is very important. Forgetting this crucial action could lead to employees who feel unappreciated and uncared for.
Be constructive with your criticisms.

As an employer and as a person you need to be careful with your critiques. Being overly abrasive will lead to resentment, hate, and even hurt feelings. If you feel that you need to work on this, you may want to consider taking a communication development course that will educate you on the art of communicating.
By promoting a happier breed of employees and a positive work environment, you will find that your business will improve. Employees will return your positive actions by working harder, exceeding expectations and creating happy customers and clientele. All of this will lead up to a happier boss, and that is good news for you!
Author Bio

This is a Guest Post by Nate Miller. Nate suggests you check out these guys for the upcoming holidays world market fathers day and easter offers out to get a good deal..

Do not be afraid to be labeled crazy

According to John Eliot, author of “overachievement”, history indicates that individuals who have changed the world are always considered nuts until they are proved right.

So how crazy are you? Being crazy is absolutely awesome and you should not be afraid to be labeled crazy. Being crazy is in fact being cool in a big way.

All successful individuals are as they are different and daring to do things that would have normally been avoided by common people. When their ideas which are considered “radical” in the beginning are finally accepted, they become geniuses instead. People are of the notion that successful individuals are nuts in the beginning following which they are seen as geniuses.
If you hold crazy views it indicates that you are different from the crowd and have the guts to do things differently.

Very often society is fond of labeling folks who tend to threaten their old belief systems and do things in a crazy fashion. This is one of the tactics used by associations, governments and organizations to abolish challenges to their competence, which is a common human behavior. However, being labeled crazy is wonderful as you can get away despite pushing the borders further and further away. Eventually you will get a following and once that happens, no one can stop you. The best part is that you have the excuse; remember that you are crazy. So in the long run this is of extreme benefit.

In case you are an entrepreneur, innovator or an individual with a high self-esteem, you must have surely been labeled crazy at one point of time or the other. Some of them might have called you nuts. Remember that an individual has the capacity to bring a transformation to the world and civilizations. The bureaucrats on the other hand are incapable of doing this. Instead they mislead people to move in the wrong direction.

Never be afraid to be labeled crazy but honor it. This indicates that others are of the view that you are an independent thinker and stay away from following the crowd. In fact they know very little that have dignified your status to a person of great worth or a change maker. You belong to a much higher breed unlike the masses who are in fact irrelevant.

Being crazy implies that you are an innovator and like to experiment with things. Once the masses realize your ultimate worth, they will surround you to find a scheme or build ideas. This is because you alone have the potential to think of magnificent ideas which seems to others as something impossible.

Thos who express their “silly willies” outwardly are a bit saner. Sometimes they make look like crackbrained, but a little bit of battiness is considered to be healthy. You should avoid things from bottling up inside your head or else it may be too difficult for you to bear later. So once in a while learn to vent your thoughts. It doesn’t matter if you are labeled crazy. At least you’ll be happy and much saner..

Amancio Ortega still grounded and humble despite earning billions

Spanish billionaire, Amancio Ortega, made headlines this year when he occupied the third spot in the Fobres list of billionaires with a whooping net worth of $57 billion. His net worth rapidly rose more than any other billionaire on Forbes list, which helped to drive his net worth to record breaking heights. Thanks to his Inditex fashion group, popularly referred to as Zara fashion brand! Many other clothing brands are now increasingly mimicking the model of Zara fashion.

Inditex is a kind of a supply chain prodigy, where clothes make their way from idea to design to the Zara outlets in a matter of a few days. This unbelievable speed along with wonderful presentation has made room for Inditex to bloom. Ortega, who owns 60% of inditex built this massive fashion empire on his own and never had a godfather or investors to back him.

He was born in Busdongo de Arbas , Spain and was the youngest of four children. At the age of 14, he moved to La Coruna as his father, who was a railway worker was transferred to the city. He settled down for a job as a shop hand for Gala, a local shirt manufacturer when he was in his teens. He founded Confecciones Goa (his name in reverse) in 1972 selling bathrobes which he manufactured with the help of local women. He opened his first Zara store in 1975, as his opted name Zorba was taken already. His fashion empire now reaches more than 80 nations.

An interesting fact about Ortega is that he has not allowed success to make its way to his head. He lives with his second wife in a modest apartment in La Coruna, Spain and is an utterly a simple dresser, clad in a blue blazer, gray pants and white shirt, none of which are Zara products each day. The 76-year-old visits the same coffee outlet everyday and lunches with his workers in the cafeteria of Zara. Unlike most other billionaires, he does not drive a fancy car but an Audi A8. He has just a single major indulgence as he owns a private jet, The Global Express BD-700, developed by Bombardier with an attached price tag of a whooping $45 million. He is known to be very shy and does not grant any interviews to any media outlet. So far he has given interviews to only three journalists. His humbleness and simplicity are major factors that make him stand out from the rest of the crowd of billionaires.

Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple, is another billionaire who still is considered down to earth. He lives a discreet lifestyle in a 2,400 square foot house, which he purchased at a price of $1.9 million in the year 2010. In a book by Apple, he says that he loves to be reminded of his roots and placing himself in a modest environment assists him to do that. He is of the opinion that money is not a driving force for him.

People like Ortega and Cook do not allow success to make its way into their head and believe that one has to remain grounded and remember friends and associates who were there with them when they were poor..